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Our farm is a family friendly environment. All people and children are welcome; we have swing and toys to play with. There are lots of animals besides horses to see too – chickens, goat, sheep, cats, and bunnies.

At the beginning, no equipment is needed – other than wear long pants and closed toe shoes. If the rider continues, boots and a helmet are good investments. There is no minimum number of lessons to attend. More practice = better rider.

Lessons are an hour in length. If the student is just beginning, come at the appointed time as each step needs to be taught. If the student doesn’t need help catching and tacking, please come 15-20 minutes before the lesson so you can be ready to ride at your designated time.

Most lessons are group lessons with up to 5 (but most of the time 4) in the class. If time permits, some private lessons are also taught (especially if the lesson can be done before regular lesson times).

Lessons start with the basics – how to catch and halter a horse in a field, how to groom and care for the horse, tacking (saddling and bridling) before getting on the horse for the lesson. We love getting to teach beginner riders, so no skills are necessary to start. Once in the arena, steering, moving the horse, stopping are explained before the student gets off the lead rope which the instructor is holding.

Lessons progress as quickly as the student progresses. Basics are drilled often for the safety of our riders and horses. We work on balance, timing, strength, and harmony with the horse.

Our teaching style is one of kindness, fairness, and safety. No abuse of any kind is tolerated. The instructor teaches on a microphone so that everyone can hear and the entire arena can be watched at one time for the safety of the riders.

Our beginner horses are very safe and have completed extensive training, and many of them have been teaching for over 10 years. We are careful not to over use our horses, so they aren’t burned out. Each horse is like a belt in martial arts – as the student progresses, the difficulty of the horse increases (white belt horse – if you can sit there, they’ll take you around.)

Private lessons are $85, and group lessons (5 or fewer riders) are $55/each. Both last for an hour.

If you pay for the month’s lessons at the first lesson of the month, lessons are $50/each.
Package prices: buy 6, and get the 7th 1/2 price. ($325). Buy 10, get the 11th one free ($500).

Want to try a lesson? First lesson is 1/2 price. 

You can contact us for more information by emailing hannah@wildewoodfarm.com

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Horse Club

We also offer a horse club for our currently enrolled students. It’s a great way for them to expand their knowledge on horses, their care, and ridding in a fun, relaxed environment when out of the saddle.


 Working student program

DSC_0110 DSC_0106For our currently enrolled students, we have a working student program. We have training for people new to the program about once a month, but we prefer for the student to have stated taking lessons prior to gain knowledge needed for the program before joining.

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