What about…?


Does your body confirmation not fit into the “ideal” rider form? Are you a plus sized rider?Are you purple, yellow, black, pink, white, green, or blue? Are you anything else that may make you afraid of not being safe? Do you love to ride or want to learn how to ride? We’ve got the place for you! 

Our staff is friendly, multi-cultural, encouraging, and non-judgmental. Our horses are steady, safe, and can handle riders up to 250 lbs (114 kg) and those requiring other accommodations. English huntseat or basic Western pleasure styles available, or you can try both and see which you prefer. 

Lessons are taught from the ground up, with safety at the forefront. Catching the horse out of the field, grooming, and tacking before heading to our covered arena. Lessons are fun and challenging yet kept at your pace. No yelling, screaming, rudeness or shaming is tolerated. Each layer of learning is done thoroughly and carefully. As you master techniques, we’ll progressively add more advanced maneuvers.

Riding is a great way to increase your confidence, balance, flexibility, and strength. It’s a wonderful form of exercise and your mind will relax in this beautiful natural setting. 

At the end of the lesson, horses are groomed or washed and returned to the field. Enjoy the tranquil and relaxing setting of the pastures where the horses return to graze on lush grass or linger at the gate for a few more scratches with you. 

We believe WildeWood is the place for you. Please contact Hannah at hannah@wildewoodfarm.com if you would like to discuss lessons, horses, or with any other questions you may have.

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