Retired Lesson Horses

Casi (Don Casi Mio)

Casi Mio horse hannah -02 1000

Casi was one of our very first and very best lesson and show horses. He’s a 14.1 hand Peruvian Paso Fino x Welsh pony. We all love him so. We got him in 1996 and he taught countless girls and boys before retiring in late 2016 to a wonderful home in Alabama where he can relax for the rest of his days.

Traveler (He’s So Fine)

Traveler is an Arabian gelding and had been on and off our farm since 2000 after he was donated to the lesson program by the Kopacz family. He retired permanently in late 2016 to Louisiana. He was a wonderful teacher for many girls and boys and is dearly missed.


Charlie (Good Luck Charlie)

Charlie was a 16.2 h Percheron/QH gelding. He was purchased by the farm in November 2011. He’d been a 3d level dressage horse, a lesson horse, and a trail horse prior to coming to the farm, where he was loved by many as a great intermediate lesson horse with a big heart and lots of “go.” Unfortunately, he has since moved on due to health complications but is buried at the farm and remembered by all.

Superman (Fly Like Superman)

SupermanSuperman is an 18 year old, 16.3 hands, QH gelding with a sweet, easy personality that everyone loves. He was a very successful 3’6″ horse and was semi-retired to 2′ due to a past tendon injury. Unfortunately, his tendon injury flared up again after he came to us and he was only sound at the walk, so we retired him to a farm where he can get some well deserved R&R.

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